Aris Fourth Quarter All-Star Winner

Congratulations to our Fourth Quarter All-Star Award winner – Ruby Weber! Ruby is a Billing & Coding Specialist at the Corporate Office in Hudson.

Ruby was nominated for the All-Star Award by Audrey Renner (Revenue Cycle Manager) for her work ethic, patience, and coding knowledge. She calmly teaches Aris physicians, fellow employess and clients what is needed to keep Aris’ high standards in place with regards to HIPAA regulations, billing and coding best-practices and charge capture. Of course, she does those things well because that is her job but what really makes her “better than the average bear” is her good nature. Ruby shares her positive mindset by example, and in an office this size that is immeasurable.

Ruby exemplifies a hard-working and loyal employee who is often the glass-half-full person that rubs off on all of us.