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Billing services, state-of-the-art technology, analytics and reporting are essential to your radiology success

Aris understands that, while exceptional patient care will always be your No. 1 concern, your radiology department is also a business line with great potential to contribute to the bottom line. That’s why we provide a broad range of tools and solutions — business services, technology, analytics and reporting — designed to improve your business and operational performance.


Ease the burden on your internal staff, as Aris specialists handle the day-to-day tasks of patient billing and radiologist recruitment, and provide 24/7 IT support.


Our robust Infinitt technology platform integrates with HIS/RIS and PACS to streamline workflow and speed turnaround times. It connects on-site radiologists with the national multimodality worklist, enabling multiple radiologists to interpret studies regardless of their location. Combined with our advanced routing system, which auto-assigns studies based on subspecialty, credentialing and work schedule, this connectivity ensures that you make the most of our radiologists’ subspecialty expertise for heightened accuracy and increased speed. Aris’ voice recognition technology takes efficiency a step further, by eliminating the time and expense of transcription, and ensuring report consistency. This voice recognition feature, integrated into the IT platform, is 100% self-editing.



Aris tracks the volume of exams and the ongoing performance of your radiology team
through monthly analytics and benchmarking reports that include the information critical to
your strategic decision-making, planning and goal-setting.

For example, you might choose to receive monthly reports including data such as:

  • Monthly service level summary
  • Exam summary – number and percent of total (composition) by type of exam
  • Turnaround time summary – how TATs compare to the averages of your facility and Aris
  • Reading physicians’ case distribution
  • Top referring physicians by modality
  • Top 10 procedures ordered
  • Average modality volume by day


Delivery of final reports day and night eliminates the need for subsidy of the teleradiology product, facilitates informed clinical decision-making, reduces discrepancies, supports the revenue cycle and eliminates the need for daily conversion of preliminary reports to finals. All final reports are electronically delivered in real-time via HL7 interfaces. In addition, Aris teleradiologists call your facility with critical findings, following up with a report.

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