INFINITT Launches New Teleradiology Workflow Optimization and Dashboard Monitoring Capabilities

ARIS Radiology [Hudson, OH] benefits from INFINITT PACS’ automated workload balancing, single sign-on global worklist and reporting capabilities to improve efficiency of multi-site, multi-PACS remote reading.

Phillipsburg, NJ –January 23, 2015 – INFINITT North America, an award-winning developer of image and information management technologies for healthcare, has partnered with Aris Radiology, a leading national provider of professional radiology services to hospitals and imaging centers. As a Technology Partner with Aris, INFINITT has developed specialized software solutions to automate operations that had been done manually, and to reduce the number of staff needed to support their radiologists.

Aris provides 24/7/365 radiology services to 140 hospitals nationwide, in various combinations of onsite/general radiologists, off-site/ after-hours radiology services and full sub-specialty support. Many of Aris’ customers are 50 to 500+ bed hospitals that use some form of remote reading service to supplement local and onsite radiologists, but they have the capability to support any size facility.

One of the major challenges Aris and other radiology groups face is the need to read studies sent from unrelated facilities, each with its own remote access requirements and RIS/PACS reporting system. Multiple logons and disparate viewing and reporting tools detract from the radiologist’s efficiency and productivity.

INFINITT has addressed this issue by standardizing incoming cases to present studies uniformly in the INFINITT viewer. INFINITT has developed a robust and flexible PACS that has been recognized as the ‘strongest overall performer’ among the top 18 PACS on the market. (PACS Technology 2013: New Versions Stepping Up? November 2013, KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.)

Another notable capability of the INFINITT PACS –called “Smart-Assign”– includes advanced routing logic, automatically assigning cases based on a number of factors, such as radiologist subspecialty, credentialing and work schedule, while also factoring in Relative Value Units. The system automates prior exam availability for the radiologist without manual intervention.

These capabilities cut an average of 2-5 minutes per study from processing time and enable Aris to guarantee some of the shortest turn-around-times in the industry.

Key facts:

  • INFINITT is used for almost all of Aris’ software needs (e.g.  Client Portal, Referring Physician Portal, Radiologist image access, Radiologist reporting, Radiologist resource scheduling, Peer Review, collaborative embedded instant messaging, Critical Results Management, administrative dashboard controls, and a sophisticated custom interface out to ARIS’s billing system).
  • INFINITT normalizes data from disparate RIS/PACS systems to maintain radiologist continuity with standardized viewing and reporting tools using sophisticated DICOM tag morphing logic
  • INFINITT facilitates the return of the report back to the sending facility based on site-specific logic — including HL7, secure emailing, and faxing -– to the hospital and/or to the referring physician.
  • INFINITT’s Teleradiology Worklist allows the technologist to QC the study–verifying that the RIS record is accurate and complete–before marking it “Ready to Read”.  It also provides the client with an expected turn-around-time based on the exam’s priority level.
  • INFINITT has developed added security features at the facility level to ensure that hospital staff from one facility are not able to access data from another hospital or facility.
  • INFINITT has added a timing feature to the radiologist’s worklist, counting down the minutes and alerting the radiologist before time expires to ensure compliance with SLA guarantees.

Aris has also been able to add on-site or cloud-based archiving capabilities through INFINITT, to further expand its service offerings.